Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sending Off Hriday

It was a very emotional time with Hriday. Today Badri took him home, he and Sapna will be fostering for a while. I had prepared myself for today so I did not cry just gave him a squeeze before he left and saw him happily hop into the car and drive off.

Over the weekend there was not a soul in the entire apartment, it's home to 4 families but last weekend I was home alone. Had it not been Hriday and Chimi I would have gone crazy. On Monday when I went to work I talked to Preeti and it was after 2 whole days I was talking to a human being. I cracked. Though I had talked to Sumeet over long distance call on Sunday night and my driver when he came on Mon morning, this was the first time I really felt so lonely.
It has changed me quite a bit, it has started a new thought and I am re-evaluating the choices in life I have made and will definitely influence my decisions and choices in the future.

I learnt a few things from Hriday and Chimi too. 
  1. There is no difference in the way a pet reciprocates your love, irrespective of whether it's a pure bred or a mongrel.
  2. When they were together they enjoyed each other's company. 
  3. Hriday left as a happy soul. He can't talk so don't know if he misses Chimi and me.
  4. Chimi is her normal dainty self again. No fuss. No agression to seek attention from Hriday when he was around or me now. Not showing signs of missing Hriday except when I ask her "Where is Hriday?" She whines starts looking around and in 5 mins is normal. I am actually surprised at her behaviour, it is unexpected for me.
A lesson in life, do your duties but be detached. Love the people around you while you are around and leave behind sweet memories. Thanks Hriday, for the sweet memories.

Sapna and Badri enjoy your time with Hriday!


  1. We could see you almost wetting your eyes ( or may be you already had ) while seeing off Hriday. He is a super good boy and he takes care of himself if given options :).
    Having Vinay helped me boosting my confidence especially at first sight. But he was so managing well at a new place that I wonder how has he been adapting to so many failies and people in a short span of time. We walked hi where he finished all his outdoor duties. I even took Ramu with him for the evening walk. Ramu seems amazed by his looks and been quite all along. He takes a few commands like sit , run and a NO to anything he does. As I write this Hriday is taking a nap in the first floor balcony and Ramu inside with me. As of now, Ramu is surprised to see Hriday and plans of his stay :). Just telling to self - " No attachments ;)) but extremely difficult to stay away from this lovely guy "

  2. :)so happy to hear about him. Yeah he does create that emotion in you. Ramu is bewildered ! Keep me posted. Today at lunch time the discussions revolved around pets There was Sapna and me gushing and Madhu was like you crazy gals :)

  3. Needless to say, he is still the most loveable guy and I wonder why this parting is inevitable. He will be around us though his physical presence maynot. Hope to see him off to a caring family. Ramu is comfortable with him now but still wants to lead the way whenever they are together like a guide :) LOL.. Both of them don't want me to spend time with the other alone. Its so nice to see Hridu calling for me when I am with Ramu alone :) All in all,it's been so amazing with these guys that I have virtually forgotten that I work in night and have to rest during day :). I feel the tiredness in the office as I miss them both.


  4. Aww...Ramu is a sweetheart, looking fwd to seeing him in real, I loved his pictures. Yeah Sapna and me were agreeing on that, no more foster homes for him. He should have a permanent home soon. Yeah and when he jumps all his puppy fat shakes in such a sweet way :) True it was the same with Chimi too. They get so possesive :). Yes Mrs. is complaining ;) but I feel so happy to know he is doing great with you guys.

    Badri would you like to be a team member here? I'd love it if you can narrate some of your experience with pets here. The tips will help a lot of families who have pets.

  5. yes, I can narrate. Donno if it helps others, it gives me pleasure to share my experiences for sure :)

  6. Hey that's cool!! You now have member access to this space. Looking fwd to your posts.


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