Sunday, December 26, 2010

A dog's frustration.

We had guests at home and Chimi as usual was jumping on them. It was very difficult for us to calm her down. She loves people but is always hyper when we have guest so I decided to put her in the bedroom. Usually she whines but sits on her bed and stays put. Once she really got frustrated and she tore up her cushion soft toy cat. As I open the door I felt like I was floating on clouds. I quickly re-stuffed it into the cat and stitched the seams so Chimi does not pull out the poly-fill. I was more worried about she eating it. Thankfully she didn't. Ever since I never leave out that cushion if she is unmonitored. It's not her normal behavior but can't predict when she will display it again.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mongrel Twins: Money N Laxmi

Adopted by Sujal, Vijay and Mangala

I had an upcoming trip to make to Mumbai and for a long time my nephew has been wanting to share his home with pets. Karthik had rescued 7 pups born near Lalbaugh, Bangalore. So the timing was perfect.

They went along with Me, Chimi and Dad to Mumbai. I gifted them to Sujal on Dhanatrayodashi. The auspicious day was the reason for their names Money and Laxmi!

Enjoy their Antic here...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chimi and Friends

Chimi is your host here. She is a 1.5 yr old mongrel and lives with Anjali. She welcomes you to share your experiences and tips on pet care. 

She is not responsible if her Momma's love is seen overflowing on this space. She loves bread, milk, fruits and chewy sticks and there isn't a thing that she does not eat. Oscar's Sulekha treats her to non-veg when she visits but at home she is vegetarian like rest of the family. She loves to do the dashes and trots on the terrace. She would like to have lot of friends so if you have a pet join in here and share your story.

Oscar, is a golden cocker spaniel and lives with Sulekha who loves him like her son. Oscar is 4yrs old and loves glucose biscuits and non veg, specially bones. He has dated Chimi but nothing happened so now have evolved to be good friends. Once in a while Oscar and Chimi visit each other's homes.

Oscar loves to laze around and generally lead a chill life. Sulekha loves to babble to him. He loves parks and slow walks.

Immadi Ramu is a 3 months old cross whom we loving call the brown dalmation. He shares home with Sapna and Badri. He loves ganji/ gruel and long walks with Badri. Right now he is enjoying all the atention his parents can shower him with. Like Chimi, Ramu too has hosted Hriday as a guest.

We look forward to having more friends. Come with us...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Chimi, My Dainty Darling

What is she thinking about? Where did she learn to cross her feet in style? All that aggression to seek Hriday's attention has disappeared. She is now her usual self, ladylike and quite. When we went to pick up Dad at the station she was happy to see him back. Dad too is currently a changed person, he was playing with her for sometime. Hope this exhibition of love lasts :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sending Off Hriday

It was a very emotional time with Hriday. Today Badri took him home, he and Sapna will be fostering for a while. I had prepared myself for today so I did not cry just gave him a squeeze before he left and saw him happily hop into the car and drive off.

Over the weekend there was not a soul in the entire apartment, it's home to 4 families but last weekend I was home alone. Had it not been Hriday and Chimi I would have gone crazy. On Monday when I went to work I talked to Preeti and it was after 2 whole days I was talking to a human being. I cracked. Though I had talked to Sumeet over long distance call on Sunday night and my driver when he came on Mon morning, this was the first time I really felt so lonely.
It has changed me quite a bit, it has started a new thought and I am re-evaluating the choices in life I have made and will definitely influence my decisions and choices in the future.

I learnt a few things from Hriday and Chimi too. 
  1. There is no difference in the way a pet reciprocates your love, irrespective of whether it's a pure bred or a mongrel.
  2. When they were together they enjoyed each other's company. 
  3. Hriday left as a happy soul. He can't talk so don't know if he misses Chimi and me.
  4. Chimi is her normal dainty self again. No fuss. No agression to seek attention from Hriday when he was around or me now. Not showing signs of missing Hriday except when I ask her "Where is Hriday?" She whines starts looking around and in 5 mins is normal. I am actually surprised at her behaviour, it is unexpected for me.
A lesson in life, do your duties but be detached. Love the people around you while you are around and leave behind sweet memories. Thanks Hriday, for the sweet memories.

Sapna and Badri enjoy your time with Hriday!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fostering Hriday : Day 6

The innocent look

It was a day when everything seemed nice and rosy. The babies playing together for a long time in the open and eating well. I went to work and was at peace leaving them together in the hall. Chimi was a little soppy but that is usual when I leave her. When I came back they welcomed me warmly. I kept my bag and immediately took them out for a feed and play. 
Anytime is cuddle time

I came back and wet vacummed the hall, it just made me feel nice. A dirty home makes me depressed so I don't mind the effort.

I had told Karthik to take away Hriday as I could not keep him anymore. I love him but for all practical reasons I cannot have two pets. Hriday needs more space as he is a large breed and for my love of pets I don't want Dad to be taxed with caring for 2 pets.  I know I am justifying, not just here but within myself because I don't want to part with him.
 He is trying to pull out my specs

My sweet friends Sapna and Badri have agreed to foster him for a while. That in itself is a relief. They have brown spotted Ramu, whom we call the brown dalmation. He is a cross, 5 months old and should be a good friend for Hriday.

Tomorrow  Hriday will move from my home to another loving home but before he goes I tried to capture some of his adorable poses.

Love the wet nose

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fostering Hriday : Day 5

Sunday was made up of this, cuddling together all the time. I spent some time cooking, preparing for the upcoming week. I had to keep the kitchen door closed. Hriday is very clever he understands I scold when he climbs on to the bed so immediately he climbs down to hide under it. He knows he cannot come into the kitchen. He is a quick learner. While Chimi learnt it the hard way and I think she has attitude because she stares back when I scold and Hridu baby is so sheepish when I do. 

Chimi still makes him run around with all her overt attention. When I'm in the rocking chair Hriday comes and buries his head in my lap to avoid Chimi's love bites. I was squating on the floor and holding Hriday when Chimi became really possesive and she growled ferociously at him and when I tried to intervene I got a little bite on my lip.

Talking of their temparament and liking. Hriday is a mild guy but very strong so even his slightest move feels much. Chimi is smaller but when on her own and when she gets my undivided attention is lovable yet quite wild at times. Hriday loves dry food and milk separately. Chimi loves slush. Hriday is a glutton, Chimi is a lady, she like small bits. He loves huge tight hugs, she hates squeezes. He does not lick much. Chimi slobbers. He loves to drink water straight from the tap. She loves it from her tumbler. He loves to play in the water, he splashes and spills water for fun after he finishes drinking. Chimi hates to wet even her feet. She hates to bathe, I am sure He would love to bathe. He is smart and understands the tone in  a command, Chimi makes a fool of us. He keeps lifting his leg to sprinkle on anything. Chimi is trained by us to go only when it is her time for walks else she sits and pees like a lady. I have lesser area to clean that way. He loves nooks for a nap. Miss royalty loves heights to nap on, beds, stools etc.

I am growing so attached to Hriday but I am telling myself I have only a week with him. He needs a good permanent home, please help find him one.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fostering Hriday : Day 4

It is the weekend so the day was without a schedule and I got a good amount of time to cook and eat some proper food else all 3 of us were eating the same milk and bread, khichdi etc. 

Hriday is such a sweet baby. He is the chilled out guy and Chimi doesn't leave him at peace. Both have been very playful that made them so sweaty and covered in each other's saliva. Chimi has a habit of climbing on to the bed so I had to bathe her. Hriday was still cleaner, will bathe him some other time.

Hriday's eyes glaring with anger coz Chimi is a pest!

Hriday loves dry bread and milk. He does not like anything soggy. Not even soft rice. Chimi loves everything. When Hriday does not finish his meal she is ready to eat her share and gobble up his too.

I vacuumed  the house and felt like I was in an aseptic condition for couple of hours :) ! The house is made so dirty by these two. I have cleared the hall completely for the two to do all the skidding. They are enjoying it thoroughly. It was raining all day yesterday so I could not take them out but we did manage a little on the terrace at late night. Hriday was tugging at me for a walk. 

He likes to come and give a hug once in a while. It is not enough for him to be patted it has to be a full tight hug only then he calms down.

I observe a lot of difference between the two. They are distinct in character may be that should be a separate post meanwhile enjoy their antic I have captured here.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fostering Hriday : Day 3

The love is blooming ! Chimi is showing tremendous interest in Hriday. They played a lot, chasing each other. Chimi is smothering Hriday. There is a lot of panting and huffing going on. They are eating well too. My house is in a mess and needs cleaning immediately. We have spent a lot of time on the terrace playing and boy they are vigorous. Hriday is sluggish but strong. Chimi is very agile. She does not tire easily. Hriday is still not able to get control of her. Anyways I will be telling it here if it happens.

It makes me very happy to see them this way and I'm amazed at nature's ways. Life seems like a pleasure right now.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fostering Hriday : Day 2

Yesterday itself many of my friends responded to the post and hopefully after Karthik screens according the criteria he has in mind, Hriday should get a good home.

I came back from work and was told that they had behaved well. Hriday was in the hall and Chimi in the bedroom but as soon as I came home and opened the bedroom door, Chimi was baring her teeth. I closed the door behind me while I was talking to Karthik and Chimi would not let me continue the conversation. She might be thinking I'm a bad mother not giving her enough attention since last 2 days. That was just my guilt you will understand. I slept for a while as I was feeling stressed out.

Later every half hour I was opening the door for Chimi to play with Hriday and I realized a slow change was setting in. So I fed them and we all went to the terrace for some exercise. A good 2 hrs of running around and these two growling we came back indoors. It was impossible to have them in the same room again. So Chimi went into the bedroom while Hriday stayed in the hall.

We slept early so that we could wake up early. However I got up only at 6.30 am today. As I opened the bedroom door Chimi surprised me completely. She very quietly went to him and was playing with him. Finally I guess she made peace! :)

I fed them Idlis and now the driver has taken Hriday for a walk while I write this and Chimi is whining and missing Hriday.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fostering Hriday : Day 1


Yesterday after work I went and picked up Hriday from another foster family. I am going to foster him for a week.

The moment we met he was excited. I have not known him and yet he just clinged to me. Hriday is a 8 month old labrador, beige coat. He is absolutely adorable.

He climbed into the car easily. Was very calm during the almost 1.5 hrs drive in the traffic. Unlike Chimi who sleep or sits in the car, he was watching the world go by from the rear and the windows. Especially I found it very cute the way he leaned on the back seat to relax and view. Chimi has never done it.

On reaching home I took him to the terrace. Then went into the home. Chimi smelt him immediately and she was making crying sounds. I don't know why. Then I took Chimi to the terrace and fed both Chimi and Hriday with apples. Hriday was on a leash to ensure they did not break into a war immediately. As long as I was not touching Hriday, Chimi was OK.

I slowly freed him up and there started a very systematic martial fight. Making circles and challenging the opponent. Chimi is a spirited gal and was not scared by his size. She was pawing him so I intervened.

Then I brought them down inside Chimi lost it completely. This had not happened with Oscar when he visited us with Sulekha. She refused to let Hriday be at peace. Poor fella got almost traumatized. He was hiding in the bathroom. Last evening it was impossible to have both of them in the same room. However this morning it is different. Hriday was mostly quite in the hall or may be I was so tired yesterday with so much excitement that I actually slept well. 

Just now I am back from the terrace. They have been fed. Hriday is not eating too much, had to hand feed him. The two played for 1 hr, growled at each other really ferociously at times. When Chimi tried pawing him I gave her a tap. Have left Hirday up so that I can post this and quickly wrap up my domestic chores before I leave for office. Have to do this else Hriday clings to me. He does not know the house rules yet so he is following me into the kitchen. 

I am amazed at the love he is showering on me. He lay on my lap on the drive home and now he needs me to hold him real close and I can sense it how he calms down. He is a large dog and hugs me tight from the back just like a child who wants to be picked up. 

Chalo got to go now. More later...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Raja has no home- Now adopted

This came as a mail fwd...

I've rescued a lab and am looking for a good home for him. i've attached a small description and photo of the same. is it possible for you to circulate this among ur dog loving friends and see if anyone's interested. thanks in advance! :-) I would've loved to keep him but at this point im not ready to manage 2 dogs.

This is the sad story of ‘Raja’

Raja is a 4 yr old lab, who has been abandoned by his owners. He is a very gentle and docile dog who barks rarely.

He was roaming the streets near our house and was trying to defend himself against street dogs. An opportunist trapped him and took him home in the hope of selling it off. He was tied up and was in a state of shock, when I found him and rescued him. He’s not eating well and is afraid of every little noise. He now needs a good home with loving and caring owners. Please help me find a new home for Raja.


Regards, Pratibha


Note : We can provide the cell# and you can speak to Pratibha directly.

Narasimha still needs a home

Here is the gorgeous guy for you.

Some time ago Chimi and me were at the Lakeside Vetenary Clinic. It was too early. There was an operation in progress on another pup. Just then a youngster came out from the inside and started playing with Chimi. He was so friendly that Chimi became instantly friends with him. We got talking and I got to know that he had got a dog with a fracture to be treated and nursed by the Doc. He mentioned to us that some people had put their dog out on the streets and now needed shelter. We exchanged nos. and was waiting for Karthik to send me his pictures. I felt really bad that it was already late for Narasihma.

Karthik tells us
"ppl r hittin him wid metal rods throwin stones only coz he looks aggressive...but he dusn even growl such a decent chap...rite now he is being taken care by a family who keep him in their passage dat they use for dryin clothes...they cant keep him for long..i really dun know where else to keep tensed...."
"no he hasn found 1 yet ..actually am worried where dat family will give him away to arf or cupa..datll be d end...somehow am pushin them but am pretty sure i cant hold nemore.. "

If you think you have a place for him in your home drop me your email id or phone no. Not to worry about the  email ids, I will not publish the comments with personal details.

Doctor Yathiraj filled me in about Karthik, he gets street dogs for treatment and spends from his own pocket.  This was reconfirmation of the conversation I had with Karthik. He had pleaded,  "If Narasimha can get a home, I'll take care of his medical expenses." Way to go young lad!

Am sure there are a few good souls who can help Narasimha. Is it you? 

Monday, August 16, 2010

I've named him Hriday, He can be yours...

Karthik found him 2 nights ago in the street, may be lost or abandoned. He says "However he is very playful, naughty and reminds me more of the Marley from the movie Marley and me. He is looking for the right family to adopt him. Good luck!"

I love him just seeing his pictures and since he is the first one to be here, I've named him Hriday :)

Post your response here incase you want to take him home. We are open to foster parents for a short time and better if for a lifetime.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

As Chimi Grows

I was blogging about Chimi on Annaparabrahma so far but now this site will be Chimi's own space.

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