Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chimi has guests, German Sheperds X Lhasa Apso

Any one wanna take them home. German Sheperds X Lhasa Apso confirmed by Dr. Yathiraj.
That makes them rare !

Contact me or Karthik @ 9901415012 immediately.

Right now I am fostering them. When we spayed Chimi I was a little sad that she would not have babies and I would miss the joy of taking care of them. So these are God sent for me however Chimi is a little nervous with these puppies, she is curious but runs away when I try to give them to her. She is possessive about me though so growls at the little ones. I make sure I pet her too.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here comes Delgado

This guy is a lab cross and we have named him Delgado, currently he is being fostered by few constrution labourers who had brought him from some place nearby. He has been vaccinated i.e anti-rabies + distemper+ parvo vaccine and is healthy.

He has a beautiful shiny coat and white breast. Doesn't he look like my Chimi's twin? Take him home and pamper him. You will get tons in return.

Call Karthik
cell # 9901415012
email id :