Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chimi has guests, German Sheperds X Lhasa Apso

Any one wanna take them home. German Sheperds X Lhasa Apso confirmed by Dr. Yathiraj.
That makes them rare !

Contact me or Karthik @ 9901415012 immediately.

Right now I am fostering them. When we spayed Chimi I was a little sad that she would not have babies and I would miss the joy of taking care of them. So these are God sent for me however Chimi is a little nervous with these puppies, she is curious but runs away when I try to give them to her. She is possessive about me though so growls at the little ones. I make sure I pet her too.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here comes Delgado

This guy is a lab cross and we have named him Delgado, currently he is being fostered by few constrution labourers who had brought him from some place nearby. He has been vaccinated i.e anti-rabies + distemper+ parvo vaccine and is healthy.

He has a beautiful shiny coat and white breast. Doesn't he look like my Chimi's twin? Take him home and pamper him. You will get tons in return.

Call Karthik
cell # 9901415012
email id :

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A dog's frustration.

We had guests at home and Chimi as usual was jumping on them. It was very difficult for us to calm her down. She loves people but is always hyper when we have guest so I decided to put her in the bedroom. Usually she whines but sits on her bed and stays put. Once she really got frustrated and she tore up her cushion soft toy cat. As I open the door I felt like I was floating on clouds. I quickly re-stuffed it into the cat and stitched the seams so Chimi does not pull out the poly-fill. I was more worried about she eating it. Thankfully she didn't. Ever since I never leave out that cushion if she is unmonitored. It's not her normal behavior but can't predict when she will display it again.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mongrel Twins: Money N Laxmi

Adopted by Sujal, Vijay and Mangala

I had an upcoming trip to make to Mumbai and for a long time my nephew has been wanting to share his home with pets. Karthik had rescued 7 pups born near Lalbaugh, Bangalore. So the timing was perfect.

They went along with Me, Chimi and Dad to Mumbai. I gifted them to Sujal on Dhanatrayodashi. The auspicious day was the reason for their names Money and Laxmi!

Enjoy their Antic here...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chimi and Friends

Chimi is your host here. She is a 1.5 yr old mongrel and lives with Anjali. She welcomes you to share your experiences and tips on pet care. 

She is not responsible if her Momma's love is seen overflowing on this space. She loves bread, milk, fruits and chewy sticks and there isn't a thing that she does not eat. Oscar's Sulekha treats her to non-veg when she visits but at home she is vegetarian like rest of the family. She loves to do the dashes and trots on the terrace. She would like to have lot of friends so if you have a pet join in here and share your story.

Oscar, is a golden cocker spaniel and lives with Sulekha who loves him like her son. Oscar is 4yrs old and loves glucose biscuits and non veg, specially bones. He has dated Chimi but nothing happened so now have evolved to be good friends. Once in a while Oscar and Chimi visit each other's homes.

Oscar loves to laze around and generally lead a chill life. Sulekha loves to babble to him. He loves parks and slow walks.

Immadi Ramu is a 3 months old cross whom we loving call the brown dalmation. He shares home with Sapna and Badri. He loves ganji/ gruel and long walks with Badri. Right now he is enjoying all the atention his parents can shower him with. Like Chimi, Ramu too has hosted Hriday as a guest.

We look forward to having more friends. Come with us...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Chimi, My Dainty Darling

What is she thinking about? Where did she learn to cross her feet in style? All that aggression to seek Hriday's attention has disappeared. She is now her usual self, ladylike and quite. When we went to pick up Dad at the station she was happy to see him back. Dad too is currently a changed person, he was playing with her for sometime. Hope this exhibition of love lasts :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sending Off Hriday

It was a very emotional time with Hriday. Today Badri took him home, he and Sapna will be fostering for a while. I had prepared myself for today so I did not cry just gave him a squeeze before he left and saw him happily hop into the car and drive off.

Over the weekend there was not a soul in the entire apartment, it's home to 4 families but last weekend I was home alone. Had it not been Hriday and Chimi I would have gone crazy. On Monday when I went to work I talked to Preeti and it was after 2 whole days I was talking to a human being. I cracked. Though I had talked to Sumeet over long distance call on Sunday night and my driver when he came on Mon morning, this was the first time I really felt so lonely.
It has changed me quite a bit, it has started a new thought and I am re-evaluating the choices in life I have made and will definitely influence my decisions and choices in the future.

I learnt a few things from Hriday and Chimi too. 
  1. There is no difference in the way a pet reciprocates your love, irrespective of whether it's a pure bred or a mongrel.
  2. When they were together they enjoyed each other's company. 
  3. Hriday left as a happy soul. He can't talk so don't know if he misses Chimi and me.
  4. Chimi is her normal dainty self again. No fuss. No agression to seek attention from Hriday when he was around or me now. Not showing signs of missing Hriday except when I ask her "Where is Hriday?" She whines starts looking around and in 5 mins is normal. I am actually surprised at her behaviour, it is unexpected for me.
A lesson in life, do your duties but be detached. Love the people around you while you are around and leave behind sweet memories. Thanks Hriday, for the sweet memories.

Sapna and Badri enjoy your time with Hriday!