Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chimi has guests, German Sheperds X Lhasa Apso

Any one wanna take them home. German Sheperds X Lhasa Apso confirmed by Dr. Yathiraj.
That makes them rare !

Contact me or Karthik @ 9901415012 immediately.

Right now I am fostering them. When we spayed Chimi I was a little sad that she would not have babies and I would miss the joy of taking care of them. So these are God sent for me however Chimi is a little nervous with these puppies, she is curious but runs away when I try to give them to her. She is possessive about me though so growls at the little ones. I make sure I pet her too.

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  1. Hey Chimi, havent heard from you for a very long time .. hope you are doing great girl :)


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