Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chimi and Friends

Chimi is your host here. She is a 1.5 yr old mongrel and lives with Anjali. She welcomes you to share your experiences and tips on pet care. 

She is not responsible if her Momma's love is seen overflowing on this space. She loves bread, milk, fruits and chewy sticks and there isn't a thing that she does not eat. Oscar's Sulekha treats her to non-veg when she visits but at home she is vegetarian like rest of the family. She loves to do the dashes and trots on the terrace. She would like to have lot of friends so if you have a pet join in here and share your story.

Oscar, is a golden cocker spaniel and lives with Sulekha who loves him like her son. Oscar is 4yrs old and loves glucose biscuits and non veg, specially bones. He has dated Chimi but nothing happened so now have evolved to be good friends. Once in a while Oscar and Chimi visit each other's homes.

Oscar loves to laze around and generally lead a chill life. Sulekha loves to babble to him. He loves parks and slow walks.

Immadi Ramu is a 3 months old cross whom we loving call the brown dalmation. He shares home with Sapna and Badri. He loves ganji/ gruel and long walks with Badri. Right now he is enjoying all the atention his parents can shower him with. Like Chimi, Ramu too has hosted Hriday as a guest.

We look forward to having more friends. Come with us...

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